Two Costume Party Ideas when You Viste Our Party Buses

Want to make your next party event a real extravaganza? Leasing a party bus will not only provide you with safe transportation, but will also allow your guests to intermingle from one venue to the next. Costume themes are always a nice touch for a party bus event and here are some great ideas to spice up your event when you visite our party buses.

Celebrity Who

Having your guests dress up as their favorite celebrity is a wonderful idea for a party bus theme, but taking that to another level can add even more fun to the idea. While a number of the costumes will be easier than others to figure out, a nice touch is seeing who can dress out in a getup that adds a level of intrigue to their costume. Who are they supposed to be?

Your celebrity who party bus event can offer prizes for the most unique celebrity costume and to the most inventive use of the idea. (more…)

The Team Took a Party Bus

When my son’s football team won their championship game, the coaches wanted to do something special for them. The awards ceremony location was nearly three hours away, so they decided to look into a Toronto party bus rentals service to see if it was feasible and affordable for the team to use this as their transportation to get to the ceremony. The coach who checked one company that provides a party bus limo service was really happy with the price quote that he was given. When he told the other coaches and they saw how nice the pictures were of the exterior and interior of the bus on the limo company’s website, they all agreed that this was the only way to go. (more…)